When should I book my sitter?

-We suggest to book your reservation with as much notice as possible. Booking a babysitter through us with at least 24-hour in advance is recommended, although we will try to fill last minute requests.

How do I book a sitter?

-You can reserve a sitter by filling out our Booking Request Form, located within our Forms page or calling Block Island Babysitters. Please do not call or text the sitters with babysitting requests.

What is the minimum of hours a sitter can be booked?

-We have a 3-hour minimum.

How does payment work?

-All payments are through PayPal and Venmo to Block Island Babysitters. We require a 35% deposit upfront to book your babysitting request. After the babysitting has been completed you will receive an invoice through your email for the remaining amount. You are charged from the time that the sitter is scheduled to arrive to the time that you come home (to the quarter of the hour). 

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

-We have a strict 72-hour (3 day) cancellation policy for all babysitting reservations. If a cancellation is made less than 72-hours in advance the 3-hour deposit will not be returned. 

Do I always need to book the sitters through Block Island Babysitters?

-Babysitting reservations must be booked through Block Island Babysitters. Our babysitters are under a non-negotiable contract and they will not work for any client (or third party) outside of Block Island Babysitters.